I am a passionate educator. I think it’s time we as a society stood up and spoke on SEXUALITY. I educate & empower Parents, Children & Adults in the areas of Sexual Health, Awareness, Harassment and Abuse.

What Parent's Say


Sexuality Educator, Counselor, Tedx Speaker, Author.

I have empowered children and parents

from 55+ schools

with 350+ workshops

Touched 18000+ families

Empowered 55000+ kids

I am a mother of 2 children (Eshan 16 & Deana 8), wife of a very supportive husband Nilesh & daughter of liberal & very loving parents Jitendra & Neela Salot.

As a trained sexuality educator, I conduct sex education workshops for children as well as their parents. Launched in February 2013, Averti was conceptualized by me to be a premium one-stop-shop service for all training needs with regards to sexual health, understanding and accepting one’s body & safety.

I feel humbled and blessed to be effective in my workshops because of my unique ability to make children and their parents extremely comfortable and overcome their taboos relating to sexual education. Demystifying is my super power.